$5,000 IPO Education Foundation IP Video Contest deadline is July 1!

patentThis scholarship asks entrants, why is the patent system important?

First, consider the value of the U.S. patent system and how it fosters innovation. What role do patents play in the invention cycle? What would the world be like without the patent system?

Next, create an original video that conveys why you think the patent system is important for a chance to win a cash prize or scholarship. The video should be creative and concise. (Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation is devoted to promoting intellectual property rights, so please do not use copyrighted material in your video.)

Then, submit …

Back to Basics is hiring qualified Integrated Math III and IV tutors in Wilmington, Newark and New Castle, Delaware!

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics has immediate openings Integrated Math III and IV tutors for  tutors. Positions are available for mutliple days, times and locations in New Castle County, Delaware.

Please contact Beverly Stewart at 302-379-1010 to discuss job opening specifics and requirements or email resume to .

Tutor Application

CLICK HERE to review our employment application and instructions. If you are scheduled for an interview to become a tutor for Back to Basics, you must bring COPIES of all the following items, as we will not be making copies here:…