Vision 2015 and Common Core Standards. What does this mean for education in Delaware?

We’ve all heard about the Vision 2015 initiative…and Common Core Standards. First of all, what are they & what does this mean?

Common Core standards are set standards being established in the country to clearly convey what is expected of students at each grade level nationwide. Community leaders and parents, along with teachers, have contributed their input in creating the standards. Having universal standards allows teachers to know exactly what their students need to learn. The Common Core Standards target core concepts and procedures, beginning in the early grades. This gives teachers the time to teach them well and the …

Vision 2015 and education in Delaware. How are we doing?

Vision 2015 is a long term plan to make Delaware among the best in education by redesigning assessments, curricula, and standards. It began in 2006 so we are three full years into the program. What progress has been made?

  • Leading Edge Student Assessments-As a result of legislation passed in 2009, a new student assessment system will be put in place this year. The DCAS or Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System will help teachers to better understand and address students’ particular needs, measure students’ gains over time and simplify national comparisons.
  • High Quality Standards and Curriculum-In 2007, the Delaware Recommended