Top 4 Tips for Parents: How to help your student with academic transitions

By Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

Interim progress reports have arrived in mailboxes recently and some parents may not be pleased with what they find. For those students who have recently made a transition – from grade school to middle school, or middle school to high school – the new environment can be overwhelming. This is often apparent by a sudden change in grades. Your former straight-A student is struggling with math… and science and English…and lockers…and time management. The list goes on.

There are many reasons for this change. For the elementary school student now faced with the challenges of middle …

4 ways to help your kids turn a failure into a SUCCESS!

No one likes failure but it is a part of life. Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes we don’t get what we want. But if we look at these situations in the right light we can teach our kids to learn to persevere, to learn to be more flexible, or to redirect their energies. There are important advantages to sending kids the message that learning new things can be difficult and that learning takes time and repeated practice. This information and these experiences will actually boost confidence, reduce fear of failure and ultimately, improve performance.

We need to give our …

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers Young Scholars Program for exceptional middle school-aged students

Do you have a middle school student with exceptional ability? If so, you should know about the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program!

The Program was founded on the idea that if you provide high-achieving students with financial need the guidance and resources necessary for them to excel during high school, college, and beyond, their greatness will emerge.

The Young Scholars Program is designed to nurture exceptional students who have demonstrated, through academic excellence and extracurricular activities, who they have the potential to excel. Students apply for the program in 7th grade, enter the program in 8th grade, …

Mark your calendars! Family Volunteer Day is November 23!

Did you know that Family Volunteer Day, a Points of Light signature day of service, is coming up soon? This special day is dedicated to demonstrating and celebrating the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighborhoods, communities and the world!

For the last 22 years, Family Volunteer Day has been held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving as the perfect way to “kick-off” the holiday season with giving and service.

This year Family Volunteer Day takes place on November 23rd. To get involved and learn more, visit Family Volunteer Day.

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