Standardized test, exam prep and study skills instructors needed at Back to Basics Learning Dynamics in Wilmington, Delaware!

SAT Critical Reading/Writing and Math: High school level students. Weekday evenings and weekends needed. Wilmington area. MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF BACHELOR’S DEGREE AND EXPERIENCE SPECIFICALLY WITH SAT CONTENT AND STATEGIES. 1-on-1 instruction

Study Skills Instructors: Study skills instructors needed. Part time. Minimum of bachelors degree and 2 years teaching/tutoring experience, exclusive of practicum, student teaching and substituting. New Castle County and So. Chester County, PA areas. Middle/High school levels

Tutors for ACT: ACT tutors needed for high school level. New Castle County area. Minimum of bachelor’s degree, 2-3 years of experience in both content and test strategies, and transportation required. …

In Delaware, standardized testing time is close at hand. Tips and tricks for success!

testingIf your child attends a Delaware public school or parochial elementary school, chances are that annual testing is right around the corner. DSTP and Terranova standardized tests are often administered in March of each year. For some, the thought of these types of tests can raise feelings of anxiety, apprehension and fear. Here are some suggestions for putting these concerns at bay and raising confidence and self-esteem instead.

Ask for Relaxation Tips-If your child gets anxious about testing, ask the teacher for some relaxation tips.

Assure Student is in School-Don’t plan doctor or other appointments during the test dates unless …

What’s the difference between the ACT or SAT for your student?

highschoolACT or SAT, which one is right for your student? Many colleges now accept either test so it benefits students to take the test they are best suited for, according to their skills. For example, the ACT tests a student’s knowledge of what was learned in high school. If a pupil has received good grades in challenging courses, the ACT may be a good choice. SATs are more of a reasoning test and measure aptitude. A student with good deductive skills may find the SATs a good fit. Below are some differences between the two tests in four basic areas.…

Our top tips for taking standardized tests

Chances are good that your child will be taking one form or another standardized test during the school year. Whether it be DSTP, Terra-Nova, SATs, or general placement tests, this situation is bound to arise at least once. Here are some tips to help your child get ready.

If your child seems nervous or anxious, ask the teacher for some relaxation tips or implement some that you already know.

Try not to plan any appointments on testing days and make sure your child is present. Having to deal with make up dates can be stressful.

Tell your child to listen …