Need cash for College? Crazy scholarships you just might win!

Top SAT scores. Athletic superstars. 4.0 GPAs…. Think you don’t qualify for a hefty college scholarship? Think again! Here are some crazy scholarships that pay out real cash.

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A Step by Step Guide to Winning Scholarships

by Beverly Stewart

This article was first published in the Hockessin Community News, September 2009.

In today’s economy, the thought of adding college tuition to an increasingly tight budget is a daunting one. A quick peek at some of the nation’s most venerated colleges reveals that tuition costs have rapidly outpaced earnings.

For example, Yale’s published tuition cost is over $33,000, with room and board over $10,000 and additional expenses like books and supplies adding another $2,500 — for a total well over $45,000 per year. But my child isn’t looking for an Ivy League school, you think hopefully …