Reading aloud to children… it’s just what the doctor ordered!

By Beverly Stewart, M. Ed.

Did you know that many doctors believe that a child who has never had the experience of being read to is not a fully healthy child?  The American Medical Association feels so strongly on the topic that it has suggested that all doctors prescribe “reading to children!”

Even the youngest children can benefit from parent-child read aloud time. For example, infants revel in the sound of a parent’s voice. The youngest tots come to associate reading with dedicated 1-on-1 parent-child time, snuggled in a warm lap, hearing a fun story and looking at pictures. And, …

How children can make a difference through community service

By Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

In today’s tough economic times, it’s more important than ever to teach children about the impact they can have as a volunteer.

To get started, ask yourself these three questions:

What is my child’s passion? Books? Sports? Animals? There are community service options to address absolutely every interest. From walk-a-thons, to beach clean-ups, to performing at local senior centers, finding the right match is crucial to help your child develop a love of serving others.

What are my child’s abilities? Enthusiastic children sometimes overcommit, so it’s up to you to set limits and select an age-level …

Want a successful second semester? Improve study skills now!

by Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

What exactly are study skills? If your child has struggled in school, this is likely a catch phrase that has been bandied about by well-meaning teachers and administrators, but not always fully explained.

Study skills are simply a collection of techniques that children can use to become more successful in school, and ultimately, in life. Best of all, study skills can be learned. So take heart!

First, your child needs to get organized. Sounds simple? For some children, organization is intuitive or quickly learned from the adults in their life. For others – those who lose …