What is Psychoeducational Testing and how can it help your child?

If you have ever wondered if your child is having more than normal difficulty in a particular subject, but were not sure what to do, Back to Basics can help. We offer psychoeducational testing administered by our licensed psychologists. Psychoeducational testing is an aid in determining if an individual has a learning disability.

A typical assessment takes between four to six hours. Prior to the testing, the psychologist gathers a great deal of background information such as developmental milestones, medical history, school history and family history. Through a battery of tests she will be able to assess abilities in math, …

What is psychoeducational testing and what does it mean for my student?

by Dr. Lauren S. Lineback

Psychoeducational testing is appropriate for individuals who want to have a more sophisticated understanding of their cognitive functioning (what is my “ability?”), their math, reading and/or writing skills, their memory skills, and whether emotional factors may be contributing to or affecting learning in school. While I assess individuals from six years old up to middle-aged adults, other psychologists specialize in developmental issues, and evaluate children between infancy and five years old. Some psychologists assess individuals in the later stages of middle-age including the geriatric population.

This article will address assessment of school-aged children and college-aged …