How to recognize the most common learning disabilities in children and how to help them succeed

Does your child have a certain area of learning that is consistently problematic? If so, it could indicate a learning disability. At Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, we know that a learning disability is not a problem with intelligence or motivation. Students with learning disabilities typically have average to above average IQ’s; their brains are simply wired differently. This difference affects how they receive and process information.

You may wonder what it could mean for your child’s future or worry how he will get through school. But, since it is not a matter of intelligence, he just needs to …

What is Psychoeducational Testing and how can it help your child?

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics Director, Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

If you have ever wondered if your child is having more than normal difficulty in a particular subject, but were not sure what to do, Back to Basics can help. We offer psychoeducational testing administered by our licensed psychologists. Psychoeducational testing is an aid in determining if an individual has a learning disability.

A typical assessment takes between four to six hours. Prior to the testing, the psychologist gathers a great deal of background information such as developmental milestones, medical history, school history and family history. Through a battery of tests …