Why “outside the box thinking” is so important and how to foster it in children

by Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

Outside the box thinking. It’s a popular catch phrase. But, what does it mean really?

According to Wikipedia, “Thinking outside the box… is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.”

The result of learning to think beyond the conventional viewpoint results in truly inventive solutions to all types of problems. From an educational perspective, when students learn to think innovatively from a young age, their future is limitless!

Learning to think outside the box should never become a chore or relegated to the kids’ “To Do List,” however. Creativity should

Sometimes the “old college try” just isn’t enough! How 1-on-1 SAT prep at Back to Basics in Wilmington, Delaware can help!

With college enrollment numbers reaching an all-time high, competition to gain acceptance is fiercer than ever. From your local community college, to the Ivy covered halls of Harvard, colleges and universities evaluate many: grades in the most challenging classes, participation in sports, leadership in the community, extra-curricular activities and…the dreaded SAT test.

The SAT is the most widely used college admissions test in the U.S. And for years, high school juniors and seniors have struggled to excel, knowing that those magical 800’s (or close!) just might be enough to edge out the competition for a coveted spot at a …

Focus on Delaware classrooms: Vision 2015 Update

Held earlier this month, the sixth annual Vision 2015 conference on public education was more focused on Delaware classrooms than ever before. It was also one of the best attended conferences, with close to 400 attendees.

The conference was an opportunity to hear from those who are doing the challenging work to help Delaware students learn and achieve more, especially from the 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees who were celebrated during lunch. To learn the Honorees’ inspiring stories, watch their video profiles: Tara Amsterdam, teacher at Wilbur Elementary; Tameca Beckett, youth services librarian at Laurel Public Library; Matt Farina

Language learning… it’s not just for kids anymore!

by Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

It’s a popular item on many a Bucket List: Learn a new language. Whether you’d like to brush up on your French for a vacation to the Loire Valley, need to communicate more effectively with non-native speakers at work, or simply want to try something new just for you, learning a foreign language can be an exciting undertaking.

First, if you haven’t conjugated a verb since the 11th grade, don’t panic! One common fear? If you’ve never learned a foreign language as a child, it’s too late. In fact, children younger than age seven …

Private Colleges & Universities magazine offers $2,000 Community Service Scholarship for Multicultural Students

In every community, there is important work that can be done only by individuals who are willing to give their time, talent, and energy, with little thought to personal gain or recognition. The mark of a vital, caring community is the willingness of its members to do this work.

To honor that willingness to work, for the last 25 years, Private Colleges & Universities magazine has administered a Community Service Scholarship for Multicultural Students.

  • Each year, one scholarship in the amount of $2,000 will be awarded.
  • This scholarship is for students who will be college freshmen beginning in the fall