College-bound, Delaware high school students: Delaware Community Foundation Scholarship Compendium and application now available.

The Delaware Community Foundation manages charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses and organizations, and distributes income from the funds as grants to humanitarian, educational, health and cultural entities throughout the First State. With over 1,000, more than $200 million in assets and annual grants of about $15 million, the Foundation provides a lasting source of charitable funding to benefit Delawareans now and for generations to come.

Students can complete just one application for multiple scholarships to be awarded for the 2012-2013 school year! Read the compendium carefully — opportunities are available for students in all three Delaware counties.

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Summer internships for students provide real world experience in a tight job market

Summer is just around the corner and with the employment market still tight, many high school and college students won’t be finding jobs this year. A full summer of lazing by the pool or playing video games may sound like nirvana to your teen, but as parents, we know this is not the way to build an impressive resume or instill a strong work ethic.

The solution? An internship! There are many wonderful internships still available throughout Delaware that will provide students with real world experience in their chosen field or introduce them to a field they’ve been considering. An …

Discus Awards honor all-around students in America’s high schools

Traditional awards programs focus on the numbers: Test scores, grades, and win-loss records. But college admissions offices know that it takes more than academic success and athletic prowess to predict real-world success in and out of the classroom. The Discus Awards recognize uncommon students whose character and passions are anything but average.

Discus Award winners shine in more ways than one. In fact, the award highlights ten major categories, or attributes, where students can make an important contribution during high school. Every Discus Award winner has a proven track-record in at least three of these attributes:

  • Academics: For grades, honors,