Back to Basics Learning Dynamics K-12 Private School welcomes students for the first day of the school year

Sharpened pencils, fresh white notebooks, a shiny apple… it must be the first day of school! On Wednesday, September 7, teachers and administrators were on hand to greet new and returning students at Back to Basics K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware.

And although it was the first day for students, the Back to Basics’ teaching staff has been already hard at work.  While students blissfully relaxed over the summer, Back to Basics’ teachers have been busy crafting lesson plans and double checking state curriculum standards.

Back to Basics K-12 Private School provides a state-approved, full-time school, offering four core …

How to combat your child’s first day of school jitters

Anticipating the first day of school can create some anxious times and jitters…and not just for the student! It’s a giant milestone for parents as well, especially if it’s an oldest or only child starting their journey. There are ways for both you and your child to cope and one word that is key is “together.” Sharing the experience side by side can smooth the bumps and make the event fun and exciting. Here are some steps to lead you in the right direction.

Talk-Converse with your child about behavior expected at school and respect for the teacher. Make sure …