In this occasional feature, we’ll be sharing profiles of some of our outstanding tutors. 

The first thing you notice about Margie Speer is that she sparkles.

As she shares enthusiastic stories about her work in education and her family, it’s easy to see that she’s high energy, 

It’s easy to hear how her experiences shaped her passion for math.

And it’s easy to see why she would inspire students to love learning.

She’s made that difference as a tutor for Back to Basics since 2011.

Speer’s background is not the traditional path for an educator. Her degree is in mechanical

Proper education in STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is essential for success!

highschoolSTEM is an acronym standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The desire to keep America as one of the leading nations in technology and scientific breakthroughs has created a push toward creating STEM schools. And although our economy has been somewhat unsteady in the past few years, science and engineering jobs are growing 70% faster than other positions. That means with the proper education and training, future students will be ready to jump into the employment pool.

President Barack Obama has realized the importance of STEM education. In November 2009, he made public the kickoff of several nationwide programs …