Why educational and intellectual testing may hold the answers to your student’s success!

thumbs upIf your child is facing challenges at school, rest assured, you’re not alone. Throughout the course of childhood development, many students experience “hiccups” in their development. This can be a normal byproduct of change, or a sign of a condition that needs attention. How can parents tell the difference? Educational testing can help.

Educational and intellectual testing (also called psycho-educational testing by professionals) are quite simply, evaluations for children performed by licensed, clinical psychologists. Using the most sophisticated measures available, testing can help maximize a student’s success by analyzing the style in which he/she learns, his/her strengths and non-strengths, as …

What is Psychoeducational Testing and how can it help your child?

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics Director, Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

If you have ever wondered if your child is having more than normal difficulty in a particular subject, but were not sure what to do, Back to Basics can help. We offer psychoeducational testing administered by our licensed psychologists. Psychoeducational testing is an aid in determining if an individual has a learning disability.

A typical assessment takes between four to six hours. Prior to the testing, the psychologist gathers a great deal of background information such as developmental milestones, medical history, school history and family history. Through a battery of tests …