DCAS results are in! How does Delaware measure up?

The 2012 Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS) results show an increase in the number of students proficient in reading and mathematics this year compared to a year ago.  Statewide, more than 10,000 additional children are proficient in reading this year as compared to last year, and more than 9,000 additional students reached proficiency in math.

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said, “This success is the result of the combined effort of the students who studied hard and the parents and educators who supported them.  While our collective work is far from done, this is something to celebrate.”

Overall reading and …

Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS) information for Delaware parents, students and teachers

In a major step to transform the educational experience for Delaware students, school children across the state are now taking new tests that monitor students’ progress toward college and career readiness like never before! These tests are part of the DCAS or Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System.

DCAS replaces the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) and more accurately and more closely measures each student’s academic performance throughout the  course of the  year —not just at the end of the year— so that schools can quickly identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, then tailor instruction appropriately  for each student.  In fact, …

Live in Delaware? Have school-aged children? Wondering, what is DCAS?

In a better effort to track the progress of students in order to ensure readiness for college and careers, the Delaware Department of Education has replaced the DSTP with DCAS.This stands for Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System and it is being administered for the first time this current school year. The DCAS is much more rigorous than the DSTP, thereby raising standards to be met by the students.

The assessment was created with information obtained from individuals across the state, including education, business and community leaders as well as parents. The main goal is to give teachers a better idea of …