College Board releases SAT scores. Here’s how to interpret Delaware’s findings!

LOGO_medium (1)The College Board, which administers the SAT, recently released state reports. For Delaware, the report covers two distinct student populations:  scores for public school students who as juniors took the Universal SAT administered during the school day in April 2014 and those for the graduating Class of 2014, which includes public and private school students, including those public school students whose Universal SAT scores were released last fall.

For the Class of 2015, whose members took the SAT as juniors last spring as part of the school day Universal SAT administration, the state mean scores were:

Class of 2015 (Public)

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Research shows that 27 percent of Delaware’s college-ready public school graduates who are from low-income families never enroll in college.

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Rising juniors from public high schools across Delaware are spending part of their summer gaining skills that will help them in college, thanks to a free residential program that launched in June 2014. It is the beginning of a three-year program that will ensure that these students have the academic and social skills they need to enroll in and graduate from a four-year university.

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