Back-to-school tips to make your student’s transition easier and less stressful!

School starts soon! To ease the transition and help your kids have the best school year ever, put the following strategies into action now. These easy tips can save a lot of anxiety later!

Shift your schedules: The lazy days of summer are over. Ease your child back into a school schedule by shifting his bedtime back to school-day bedtime and waking him closer to the time he needs to get up for school.

Have a morning run-through: The week before school starts get your child up, dressed and fed at the required time. This will help to point out …

Staples for Students School Supply Drive: How you can help students in need

This summer, Staples and will host their fourth annual Staples for Students School Supply Drive – a campaign mobilizing young people to collect school supplies for the 13 million kids who return to school without basic supplies. You can drop off school supplies at any Staples store throughout the United States from July 3rd through September 17th. and Staples will make sure they get to local students who need them the most. Learn how to host your own school supply drive at Staples for Students.

For 25 years, Back to Basics in Wilmington, Delaware has been recognized as 

Put summer to rest! Back to school tips for a smooth transition

Ease some of your stress for the next school year with some simple pre-planning so you can enjoy more of your summer. Here are some tips to do so.

Check to see if your child needs a physical for this coming school year. Some schools require exams for certain years and fall sports will definitely require them. Call now. The doctors’ schedules tend to fill up quickly and you may not get your child in.

See if your child will be recommended for or required to take summer school. Back to Basics is a state-approved summer school, 1-on-1, where students …

How to choose the right school for your child

1. Consider your Child and Family

Child’s Needs-Does your child need special attention due to learning difficulties or other concerns?

Learning Style-How does your child learn best? Is he an auditory, tactile or visual learner?

Location-Where is the school located regarding home, siblings’ schools and extracurricular activity locations?

Class Size

2. Gather Information

Curriculum-Is there a special focus or theme to the curriculum? Are Honors and AP courses offered?

Approach to Learning-What approach does the administration take in teaching students? Is it hands- on, text-based or other?

Academic Performance-How do test scores compare to those of other schools? Has there …

Back to school tips to make the transition easier

For some of us, the end of summer is a sad occasion. We not only have to physically adjust to new schedules but have to mentally accept certain facts. There will soon be no more sandy beach and ocean waves, crystal clear pools and the alarm clock will have to soon be used again. But a positive and planned approach to the new school year can have you looking forward to this upcoming event. Here are some tips to help your family get back on track for school:

  • Adjust to a New Routine
  • Start moving bedtime back a few weeks