Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore The Arts at Back to Basics in Wilmington, Delaware!

LOGO_medium (1)According to author Hannah Hudson in her article, How Art Class Can Benefit the Brain in a Big Way, “In recent years, as testing pressures have increased and a greater emphasis has been placed on core curriculum like reading and math, there’s been a sideline conversation about the role of the arts in K–12 education and their overall value in preparing students for the future.”

And in fact, many schools across the country have seen their arts programs trimmed or disappear altogether! But, is this the right decision?

Erroneously considered an “extra” in education, The Arts are actually a …

Did you know that Back to Basics K-12 Private School in Delaware is a Sallie Mae approved educational institution?

original creditGetting a student into the perfect school for them is crucial. Finding the right “fit,” a low teacher to student ratio, plus a wide range of subjects can be hard. But sometimes, paying for it can sometimes be even harder! 

At Back to Basics K-12 Private School, we understand. That’s why Back to Basics is a Sallie Mae approved educational institution. And, there are financially responsible ways to pay for a private K-12 education.

The K-12 Family Education Loan is one solution for families who need flexibility beyond personal savings or monthly payment plans when paying for a private school …