Polishing your college essay… fast! Early decision and early action deadlines are just around the corner!

The school year is flying by and Early College Applications’ deadlines are already looming for many high school seniors.

November 1 marks the first of two early college application deadlines. And, if you’re applying early decision (binding) or early action (no binding), you have just a few days to finalize your applications.

Hoping for admission to your “dream college?” Today’s top colleges and universities are looking at more than high test scores and impressive grades. Elite colleges also want a well-rounded student, a leader, and someone who will add to the school’s campus in a positive way.

How does a …

Time to change your career? It’s never too late!

By Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

Earlier this year, the Huffington Post released a well-received article offering proof positive that it is never too late to change your career. Highlighted were 13 iconic individuals, each whose careers took a 180 degree turn – sometimes several – before ultimately finding success and career satisfaction.

From Walt Disney (a newspaper editor), to Ellen Degeneres (a paralegal), to Andrea Bocelli (a defense attorney), these folks made the courageous leap to leave a steady job and pursue a career that they loved and that offered personal fulfillment.

Is it time you said goodbye to your current …