Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Competition awards $20,000 to the National Champion

Graduation speech (2)Does your school participate in the Poetry Out Loud contest? If not, make this the year that it does! 

Poetry Out Loud is the nation’s largest youth poetry recitation competition. Top finalists and their schools receive $50,000 in awards, including $20,000 for the National Champion. Nearly 3,000,000 students and 9,500 schools have participated.

Poetry Out Loud is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. The program encourages the study of great poetry by offering educational materials and a dynamic recitation competition to high school students across the country. Poetry Out Loud gives students an …

Top reasons why students struggle in the traditional classroom and why 1-on-1 learning may be the answer!

tutoring in DelawareYour child pays attention in class, does his homework and puts forth a good effort regarding his schoolwork. So why isn’t he learning?

There can be several reasons why students struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Here are just a few:

  • It could be that his learning style differs from the instructor’s teaching style. A learning style is the approach or way that a person learns.
  • Pupils sit at individual desks, often in rows and listen to a teacher lecture. There is very little interaction this way.
  • When students are asked questions by the teacher, the same kids tend to