ID-100146884Does your junior or senior have his sights set on college?  If so, give him the edge he needs for the SAT or ACT test with our 1-on-1 test preparation!

Our in-demand, experienced tutors will provide a completely customized approach focusing on the specific needs of each student.  Students will build and strengthen their knowledge, reduce anxiety, and increase confidence every step of the way towards pursuing their college goals!  Our students have increased their scores as much as 250 points on the SAT and several points on the ACT.

Back to Basics offers two tutoring packages for both the SAT and ACT tailored to the needs of the student:

  • 32-hour SAT or ACT Package: This package is suited for first-time test takers and/or those wanting full exam prep. Students will receive a thorough review of all exam sections, test content, test-taking strategies and test timing for the exam. Students will receive prep materials as well as a fully administered and professionally scored practice test.
  •  16-hour SAT or ACT Package: Students who have previously taken an SAT or ACT exam are eligible for this package, which is streamlined to focus on a particular section of the exam, for example, Math/Science, Reading/Writing, etc., versus all sections.  Tutors will utilize students’ previous test results toward improving subject test results.

Duration of services will be determined by the package selected and backdated from the scheduled test date.  Below are the registration deadlines for both SAT and ACT tutoring preparation at Back to Basics:

SAT TEST DATE 32-hr. package prep start date 16-hr. package prep start date
12/2/2017 9/23/2017 9/30/2017
3/10/2018 12/30/2017 1/6/2018
5/5/2018 2/24/2018 3/3/2018
6/2/2018 3/24/2018 3/31/2018
ACT TEST DATE 32-hr. package prep start date 16-hr. package prep start date
12/9/2017 9/30/2017 10/7/2017
2/10/2018 12/2/2017 12/9/2017
4/14/2018 2/3/2018 2/10/2018
6/9/2018 3/31/2018 4/7/2018
7/14/2018 5/5/2018 5/12/2018

SAT Practice Exams in Delaware

In addition, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics offers SAT Practice Exams. Why take a mock test?

A practice test services two purposes. First, it provides a baseline score so that students understand their natural strengths and non-strengths. Second, these tests provide practice with content, pacing, and stamina in a simulated testing environment. To get the most accurate results possible, we use only official full-length tests provided by the College Board and recreate the atmosphere of a real SAT test as closely as possible.

Visit our Events Page for a complete list of SAT Practice Exams in Delaware.

 Our clients give Back to Basics a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating. In their words…
“After the PSAT, Christine was devastated. We knew she had a long way to go if she wanted to receive an acceptance to her dream college. Her tutors worked to help her overcome her anxiety and timing issues and she was diligent in completing all of her “homework” assignments. She took the test once and received a score of 2300 [combined score used for three subject areas in the 2015 test]. She also received her coveted acceptance to Georgetown University! Her SAT score absolutely pushed her over the top and it would not have been possible without Back to Basics!” —Susan McNeill
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