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When it comes to testing, trust matters.

When your student needs educational or intellectual testing, trust our experience to provide services that will help them on their road to success.

Back to Basics offers psycho-educational evaluations for children and adults performed by licensed, clinical psychologists on staff in Wilmington, Delaware.

Using the most sophisticated measures available, Back to Basics can help maximize a student’s success by analyzing the style in which they learn, their strengths and challenge areas, and any learning differences. Recommendations will be made to parents and educators regarding the best teaching methods and educational environment for the student to reach his/her full potential. 

Tests include:

  • I.Q.
  • Academic Achievement Levels (by grade level and age level)
  • Visual-Motor
  • Learning Disability and Giftedness Screening
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Screening
  • Verbal and Visual Memory
  • Visual and Auditory Perception

The resulting formal report can be used to:

  • Document the need for special services to be provided by the schools
  • Take extended time SATs and High School Entrance Exams, and many other tests
  • Evaluate for entrance into a gifted program
  • Accommodate through 504 Plans
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