ID-10038934Back to Basics has been Delaware Department of Education-approved since 1985 to provide summer school instruction, 1-on-1, for K-12. This applies to public, private and parochial school students, including high school credit.

Why does summer school work? The increase in skills and confidence are markedly greater than in a classroom summer school environment. Students are much better prepared for the following school year. Unlike a traditional summer school, however, Back to Basics accommodates vacation and job schedules. More than 60 subjects are offered.

Original Credit in Delaware

High school students can take an entire course, 1-on-1, for credit through Back to Basics in order to get ahead for the following school year. For example, if a student wanted to take an extra science, math, or social science course to enhance his/her transcript for college, Back to Basics would teach the course to the student — complete with quizzes, tests, homework, and projects, as appropriate.

These courses can be taken in the summer or at any time throughout the calendar year by a student who has gotten behind in credits. Back to Basics is Department of Education-approved for original credit.

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