Corporate learningYour employees are your greatest resource. Give them the skills to compete in today’s marketplace. Back to Basics offers more than 60 subjects to improve morale, productivity and communication. Additionally, we offer training in foreign languages, English as a Second Language, as well as translating, interpreting and sign language interpreting.

Back to Basics works 1-on-1 with your employees to specifically meet their individual needs. From organization and time management, to foreign transferee cultural orientation, Back to Basics will find the perfect match for your employee.

Back to Basics employs more than 80 instructors, all of whom are experienced professionals that hold Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees. Instructors are selected for each assignment based on a client’s expressed needs, goals and schedule.

You can choose on-site instruction at your business location, your employee’s home, or utilize our training centers in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware. Back to Basics instructors service the Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania areas. We provide training and instruction that is cost-effective, efficient and customized.

Foreign Language Teaching and Cultural Orientation

For an employee transferring or traveling overseas, speaking the language is vital. Whole families frequently take language instruction in order to prepare for a transfer. Often forgotten, but just as important as language skill, is cultural orientation. One of the greatest difficulties transferees face when living in a foreign country is the host of unfamiliar traditions, customs, and social expectations.

Back to Basics offers sensitive preparation for your employees on foreign social etiquette, making their transition infinitely smoother.

Writing Skills

Effective business communication is one of the most essential skills an employee can possess. The business climate of the 21st century is more complex than ever before, particularly for companies with a global focus. If your employees could benefit from improved communications skills, 1-on-1 instruction on business writing at Back to Basics may be the answer. Your employees will learn to craft strong, targeted, professional documents that accurately communicate your company’s unique message.

GED Prep

Your employees are one of your greatest assets. You spend time, energy, and funds training just the right person for the job. But, what if they don’t possess a high school diploma? The solution is a GED (General Educational Development). A GED opens the doors to further specialized training, such as college courses or trade school, so that your employee can grow within your company. And, 1-on-1 instruction at Back to Basics can make the preparation process go much more smoothly, as well as ease the transition for an employee who may be years out of the classroom.

English Language Learning

If you recognize a language barrier in your company, your employees may benefit from English Language Learning (ELL) training. Are your employees hindered by limited language skills? If so, they could be making errors due to simple communication problems. Miscommunication can result in potentially disastrous safety mistakes and financial miscalculations. In addition, when employees can’t communicate, their valuable ideas are not brought to the attention of the management. When your employee doesn’t speak English, your company’s ability to promote from within is severely limited. English language instruction (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) can help.

Along with ELL instruction, Back to Basics offers accent reduction coaching. The ability to speak clearly, and not only read and comprehend English, is crucial in today’s competitive workplace. For any employee whose job description includes face-to-face contact with customers or involves making presentations, this instruction is extremely beneficial.

Computer Skills

Technology today changes at the speed of light and those without the necessary skills are soon left behind. You can give your employees the skills they need to succeed with 1-on-1 instruction in popular computer programs, such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Excel, Microsoft Word, and many more. With crucial new computer skills, your employees will be both more productive and efficient.

For more information on Employee Education Programs in Delaware, please call Back to Basics at 302-594-0754.

 Our clients give Back to Basics a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating. In their words…
“I noticed a huge difference in attitude since we started providing ESL classes. My employees see that I care enough to help them advance.” -Bill Duncan, Owner of White Oak Landscape Management
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