Apply now! $10,000 Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial ScholarshipEach year, the National Space Club awards a $10,000 scholarship in memory of rocket pioneer Dr. Robert H. Goddard. According to Wikipedia, Goddard, “was an American engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor who is credited with creating and building the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket. Goddard successfully launched his model on March 16, 1926, ushering in an era of space flight and innovation.


  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Should be in at least the junior year of an accredited university
  • Must have the intention of pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in science or engineering during the interval of the scholarship


$1000 National Cellular Directory Scholarship now open!

National Cellular Directory $1000 college scholarshipThere’s no question that the advancement of technology has helped people across the globe access and communicate with one another. Are you passionate about technology? Have strong opinions on the impact that technology has on communication? Answer one of the questions below to win a $1000 college scholarship!

To enter, please submit an essay (500-1000 words) in English answering one of the following:

1: How has technology helped you make new connections?
2: How do you think technology has impacted the way that we communicate?
3: What steps are you taking to leave a positive digital footprint?

Opens: June 1st, …

2018 GCTrader science and technology college scholarship essay prompt released

GC Trader College Scholarship for science and technology 2018Are you a “techie?” Dream of a career in space exploration, engineering, or science? This college scholarship is for you!

Students can enter the CGTrader Scholarship 2018 Challenge to win scholarships for college education expenses, working toward a career in science and technology. The best submission will be awarded $2,000 and the two runners-up will receive $500 each.

How to enter: 

Every year, CGTrader challenges students to dig into technology by writing an essay on how innovative technologies which are transforming our lives every day. To enter, write and submit an original essay (500-1000 words) on the topic below.


$1,000 ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention STEM Scholarship Deadline is July 1, 2018

STEM Scholarship for WomenThe ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Scholarship was created by Urban Wildlife Manager Rebecca Fyffe, an entrepreneur who is unique in her industry as a female business owner. Fyffe credits her business acumen and cutting edge research-based methods to her STEM background and wants more women to have the opportunity to engage STEM programs and science-based education!

The fact is, diversity is critical in every scientific field from biology to chemical engineering. And, while women represent 48% of the American workforce, they make up only 13% of engineering professionals and a mere 7.2% in the field of mechanical engineering.…

Want to combat drunk driving AND win a $1000 College Scholarship? Here’s how:

Want to combat drunk driving AND win a $1000 college scholarship? Here's how!MICHAEL P. FLEMING & ASSOCIATES in Houston, Texas is a private law firm which offers exceptional representation to those who have suffered serious injuries in all types of accidents. The firm is proud to offer a $1,000 College Scholarship for high school seniors and undergraduate students enrolled in 2 to 4-year colleges, based on an essay competition.

In keeping with the focus of the firm, this year’s topic is “Ideas and solutions to reduce drunk driving car accidents.”

Drunk driving is a serious issue, and especially so for young students. According to the National Institute for Traffic Safety Administration, …