Back to Basics Learning Dynamics announces 2017 Impact Award Winners

At Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. it is our mission to educate and build self-esteem in children and adults to make a difference in their lives. All of our devoted employees, tutors, interpreters, translators, psychologists, speech, occupational, and behavioral specialists, and office staff play an integral role, not only our 33 years of success, but more importantly, in making the Back to Basics mission and vision a rewarding reality.

Our employees have helped us accomplish our mission simply by sharing their talents, professionalism, and knowledge with each parent, student, administrator, teacher, and corporation we serve.

The Back to Basics …

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics named to 2017 Philadelphia Top Women-Owned Businesses

Philadelphia Business Journal Top Women Owned Businesses 2017Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. was recently named as one of the Top Women-Owned Businesses in the Philadelphia region for 2017 by The Philadelphia Business Journal. The list, generated by 2016 revenue, reveals 80+ of the largest women-owned businesses in the area which, collectively, employ thousands of people in various industries. The companies included a diverse range of enterprises from education, to health care, to construction, to technology, and more.

According to the National Women’s Business Council, “8 million U.S. businesses are currently majority women-owned. Today, women-owned firms have an economic impact of $3 trillion that translates into the …

Read about Back to Basics Founder Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. in the new, nationally-released book Pearls: Women Who Radiate Success, II

The title of this book, “Pearls: Women Who Radiate Success,” captures the radiant spirits of the women profiled. Author Fred Dawson gives an up-close-and-personal look at the lives of 21 extraordinary women from all walks of professional life: higher education, politics, entrepreneurship, law, big business and non-profit.

These women have leapt over barriers, recovered from grief, made profound sacrifices, broken rules, discovered untapped courage within themselves and given selflessly to others.

About Back to Basics in Wilmington, Delaware

Back to Basics provides over 125 wide-ranging educational and related services including 1-on-1 tutoring in over 60 subjects, translating and …

Back to Basics Founder Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. named to the “Top 100” for The John Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award

Each year, The John Maxwell Team identifies exceptional business leaders across the nation and throughout Canada who stand out in their communities, in their careers, and in their daily lives. The John Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award was created to recognize these special people who go beyond themselves to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

From amongst thousands of applicants each year, a Top 100 Semifinalist list is selected. For the 2017 Award, the Top 100 includes Back to Basics Learning Dynamics Founder and Director Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

Stewart, along with the other 99 business leaders recognized, is …

Back to Basics Founder Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. is a guest speaker on the international Support is Sexy podcast

Back To Basics Founder Beverly Stewart On Building A Multimillion Dollar Business And Becoming An Open-Hearted Leader

Beverly Stewart has wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old, and she thought she’d be one forever once she started her career in education. But after six years in the classroom, she knew she needed a change — she wanted a way to impact each student individually.

So Beverly made the brave decision to leave her full-time teaching career in 1985, and started tutoring children one-on-one. With that, her business Back to Basics Learning Dynamics was born, providing a