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Calling all middle and high school girls interested in science! This upcoming FREE event promises to engage girls in STEM. 

The Society of Women in Marine Science chapters at The University of Delaware and Virginia Institute of Marine Science are hosting “SWMS Saturday,” a 3.5 hour STEM and Marine Science event for girls in grades 6-12. This free event will take place on Saturday, September 14 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, MD.

The event will be an opportunity to develop mentorships with female scientists and will prepare girls for futures in STEM. Activities will be led by local researchers from STEM institutions. If your daughter has expressed an interest in environmental science or STEM fields, this event promises to be a great way to help her explore science and connect with women who are established in these fields.

Diving in to experience unique events like this can set your daughter’s experience apart! 

Events include:

  • Mini Bio Blitz– Participants will learn about biodiversity in the region, and will learn how to use a variety of tools and techniques to positively identify species.
  • Oyster Dissection– Participants will understand the internal components of an oyster and how they interrelate. Focus on filter feeders, ecosystem engineers, habitat value.
  • Current Modeling and Ecosystem Connectivity– Participants will understand how wind drives surface currents and how water moves throughout a system. Participants will also understand how pollution enters a system, and visualize its fate.

Horn Point Laboratory is located on more than 800 acres on the banks of the Choptank River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science is a national leader in applying environmental research and discovery to solve society’s most pressing environmental problems.

For more information or to register, visit the SWMS website

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