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Translating and interpreting services in DelawareIn the global economy, communication is essential. Since 1985, Back to Basics has been a trusted partner for:

  • schools,
  • medical facilities,
  • government agencies, and
  • businesses of all types.

Our document translating and face to face interpreting professionals are available in over 21 languages for assignments of any size.

Face to Face Interpreting in Delaware

Our highly qualified interpreters facilitate understanding and communication in a culturally appropriate manner for important meetings, medical appointments and consultations, conferences, parent-teacher consultations, appointments, graduations, and to assist visiting foreign language speakers.

Document Translating in Delaware

Our experienced document translators quickly and correctly translate vital documents, manuals, web pages, correspondence, annual reports, and other required school documents.

To learn more about Back to Basics translating and interpreting services, please visit our new website at Back to Basics Translating in Delaware or call us at 302-594-0754.

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