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Tips to set your child up for the most successful school year ever!Begin as you mean to go on. Good advice for life. Great advice for the start of school.

And, although our children would like to believe otherwise, another school year is just around the corner!

Setting a positive tone for a successful school year is essential. So, we’ve collected the best tips to alleviate anxiety as the big day draws near:

Nice to meet you. Most “Meet the Teacher Nights” take place in early August. And, this is the one event you must not miss. For younger children, especially, meeting the teacher in advance of the first day of school can be incredibly reassuring. Finding their classroom in the maze of hallways, seeing their seat and name tag, and feeling more “at home” can eliminate 1st day jitters.

Hit the books. Getting kids into a regular routine, with consistent work to complete, is part of getting back into the swing of school. If your child has been reading all summer or completing workbooks, you’re already ahead of the game. If not, it’s still not too late. Although the kids may moan and groan, the practice will do them good in the end.

Talk it up. For younger children, or those who are making a transition to a new school, deep-seated anxiety may be an issue. Talking about the changes with your student will make those first few days infinitely easier. For example, if your child will be riding the bus for the first time, discuss exactly what will be expected of them. Forewarned is forearmed!

Find a friend. Class lists are posted early, so check to see which of your child’s friends from last year will be in this year’s classroom. If you can, plan a time when kids can get together in advance of the 1st day. Your child will feel less anxious when he sees at least one familiar face.

Create an organizational system. Did your child lose homework and assignments last year? Create a drop zone for completed work. Are wardrobe wars a daily occurrence? Invest in a closet stacker that hold five complete outfits (don’t forget the shoes). Examine what your child’s unique organizational challenges are, and create a new process that will become second nature this school year.

Good morning, sunshine! Does your child have difficulty getting up in the morning? If so, he’s not alone. Most kids do not get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation preschoolers need 11-13 hours each night, children aged six to 13 need 9-11 hours, and teens need 8½ – 9+ hours. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, visit our Top Tips for Getting Kids Back to Sleep.

Purchase early. Backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases and more. School item lists are often posted on individual school websites by July, so you can pick up bargains on required items throughout the rest of the summer. Staples, Office Depot and many other stores offer weekly “Super Specials,” so take advantage of the sales as they come. By September, you will have everything you need. Of course, having just the right lunchbox, backpack, locker décor, etc. can feel vitally important to a child, so don’t dismiss concerns. By shopping early and having everything ready for the first day, you’ll easily ally any concerns.

School success starts with the right mindset for you and your child. By preparing in advance, you are sure to have to the best school year ever!

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