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How to earn a Delaware Volunteer CreditEstablished by the Delaware General Assembly in 1998, the Delaware Volunteer Credit allows students in grades 9-12 to earn one elective credit towards graduation. The program requires the completion of 90 hours of community service during two semesters. The semesters do not have to be consecutive or in the same calendar year. And, summer offers the perfect opportunity to get started!

Delaware Volunteer Credit Requirements:

  • Hours must be performed outside the student’s regularly scheduled school day.
  • Volunteer hours completed as part of a service group requirement may also be used towards the Delaware Volunteer Credit.
  • Volunteer activity cannot be political or advocacy in nature.
  • Hours must be performed at a non-profit agency in Delaware .
  • Service must be approved by the State Office of Volunteerism. Those not previously approved will be contacted to research their ability to meet the criteria for the credit.

Upon completion of the 90 hours, students receive a certificate signed by the Governor and the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education. The credit is awarded by the participating school and is also prominently displayed on the student’s transcript. An explanation of the credit, prepared by the Delaware Department of Education, accompanies any request for the student’s transcript.

To find more information about the Delaware Volunteer Credit, visit Volunteer Delaware or call 1-800-815-5465.

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