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Get ahead with Original Credit / Forward Credit summer classes at Back to Basics in Wilmington, Delaware!As college admissions fever reaches epic proportions, high-achieving students are using summer as a new way to get ahead. In addition to summer volunteer commitments and prestigious internships, these students are enrolling in Original Credit or Forward Credit courses.

Why take classes in the summer? “As the competition to get into the most selective colleges intensifies, high-achieving students are attending academic summer schools to turbocharge grade-point averages or load up on the A.P. courses seen as gateways to top-tier schools,” explains Kyle Spencer in the New York Times article Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch Up.

Students can also use the “new Summer School” to lighten course loads in the fall, enhance transcripts with courses not available at their school, or catch up on previously skipped credits.

At Back to Basics Learning Dynamics in Wilmington, Delaware, we offer Original Credit courses for students in the 9th – 12th grades. There are over 60 subjects from which to choose, including higher level sciences, maths, and foreign languages.

All instruction for Original Credit is conducted 1-on-1. And, instruction is available at your home, office, or school or in our Newark or Wilmington locations.

To learn more about Original Credit courses for high school students in Delaware, please call Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. at 302-594-0754.

About Back to Basics Learning Dynamics in Delaware

Back to Basics offers 1-on-1 tutoring in 60+ subjects, professional development, translating and interpreting in 21 languages, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior specialists, reading specialists, paras, ELL services, homebound services, RTI support, psycho-educational testing and test prep. Plus, Back to Basics Private School is Delaware’s only Department of Education approved 1-on-1 Private School for K-12. We also offer summer school and educational summer camps, original credit and credit recovery, along with unique enrichment options such as music, art and photography. Summer Planning starts NOW!  In addition to College Essay Writing, learn about more educational summer camps, summer school, original credit and enrichment options in Delaware.


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