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Did you know that if “graduating” third graders don’t develop the necessary reading skills, they quickly fall behind not only in reading, but in other subject areas? And, students who don’t read proficiently by 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school?

The importance of achieving reading proficiency by the end of third grade is well established among education professionals. And, many states have even passed legislation designed to improve third grade reading, while providing specific, targeted interventions for struggling students.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has compiled this graphic to help parents and educators  promote reading for fun and academic success!

When more help is needed: Reading tutoring in Delaware

Sometimes, intervention by an educational or reading specialist is necessary for success.

If your child is struggling with reading skills, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics in Wilmington, Delaware provides 1-on-1 instruction using proven strategies for reading and reading comprehension.

Our experienced instructors will work 1-on-1 with your student to read, comprehend, retain and apply reading material. These sessions will provide students with the knowledge and confidence to complete any required reading-related assignments, such as reports, projects and tests.

Back to Basics is available 7 days a week at your home, day camp, or in our Newark or Wilmington locations. To learn more about reading help in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania, contact Back to Basics at 302-594-0754.

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