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Student tutoring in Wilmington DEThis fall, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware celebrates its 32nd anniversary in business. Founded in 1985, Back to Basics has grown from a sole proprietorship providing 1-on-1 tutoring in a handful of subjects into a vibrant, full-service education company which serves students of all ages, schools, districts, and the government. Back to Basics also offers Delaware’s only Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 Private School.

“Each milestone we reach is such an honor. Back to Basics has grown far beyond my original vision,” explains Director Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. “For example, over the years the company has expanded tremendously and now offers numerous educational-related services such as professional translating and interpreting in over 20 foreign languages. Plus, Back to Basics holds dozens of contracts with local schools, districts, and the State of Delaware for specialized services such as ELL, RTI, SLPs and OTs, and psycho-educational testing.”

In conjunction with the 32nd anniversary, the company also recently surpassed another major milestone – a remarkable 20,000+ students served. But, at Back to Basics, students are never merely a number. Since the very first students stepped through the doors in 1985, the company’s vision has remained the same: at Back to Basics every student can learn. Finding just the right tutor for each student, quickly assessing a student’s unique learning style, and instilling a love of learning are all vital to the continued success of the company and its students.

To learn more about Back to Basics Learning Dynamics tutoring, translating, interpreting, education and education-related services, please call us at 302-594-0754.

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