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September is Self improvement month. What's on your Bucket List and why is it important?Have you always dreamed of learning a foreign language?  Writing the next Great American Novel? Or, hope to return to college to finally finish your degree? September is Self Improvement Month and the perfect opportunity to learn something new!

Why is creating a Bucket List so important? Author Juliana Labianca explains in the Reader’s Digest article “A Psychologist Explains How Making a Bucket List Can Make Your Life More Meaningful, “…while the idea of making a bucket list to create a more meaningful life is certainly bolstered by anecdotal evidence, research also supports it. One study found that participants who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not. Other positive psychology research suggests that accomplishing goals that connect us to something larger than ourselves (say finishing a half-marathon with a sibling) is important for a fulfilled life.”

Creating your personal Bucket List can be an incredible motivator. Expert Laura Vanderkam notes in a CBS News Report, it is also, “…a great productivity tool. As you start putting things into your life that bring you great joy, you’ll naturally be more focused at work, because you’ll have a compelling personal life.”

Ready to tackle your personal Bucket List?

To get you started, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics offers specialized, 1-on-1 instruction to adult students of all ages in more than 60 subjects.

  • Planning for an exciting trip to Paris? Take a step in the right direction and brush up on your dusty high school French.
  • Always longed to wield a brush and become the next Monet? Learn the medium through personalized, 1-on-1 instruction.
  • Dreaming of a major career change that would offer more fulfilling employment? Boost your resume with expertise in accounting, computer skills, or business writing!

Back to Basics’ full service Educational Center is located at 6 Stone Hill Road in Wilmington, Delaware, just off Augustine Cut-Off across from the Incyte Corp. building. The Educational Center is easily accessible from points north and south, just minutes from I-95. Ample free parking is available and our building in Wilmington is wheelchair accessible.

For those in southern New Castle County, the Back to Basics 1300 Paper Mill Road location in Newark, Delaware may be more convenient.

And, although much of Back to Basics’ tutoring service takes place at the two Educational Centers, 1-on-1 tutoring can also be provided in the student’s home or office.

To learn more and get started checking off items on your personal Bucket List, contact Back to Basics at 302-594-0754.


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