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It’s the most important test that most high school students will take. Yet, many don’t prepare for it beyond a few late night cram sessions or half-hearted attempts at online practice exams.

Contrary to popular (and somewhat wishful) thinking, SAT scores do matter. Sometimes, a lot.

Because, while strong academics are still the foundation of admissions counselors’ selection criteria, a stellar SAT score — or a dismal one — can make or break a student’s chances at a “reach college.” In fact, according to Peterson’s, one of the most accurate sources for school listings, scholarships, and admissions information, “Your SAT scores aren’t generally the only deciding factor for getting in, but they do matter more to some colleges than others… There are a few schools that have begun to place less emphasis on test scores, but this isn’t the case for the majority of schools.”

So, an outstanding SAT score won’t guarantee acceptance into Harvard, Princeton or Yale… but it sure won’t hurt!

How to improve SAT scores

Improving an SAT score isn’t easy. It takes hard work, studying, and lots of practice questions. Some students, however, opt to take the test multiple times in the hope of increasing scores — or combining superscores — simply through experience. This is not a sound strategy and can actually backfire.

According to Ishan Puri, the author of The Applicant: An Insider’s Guide to the College Admissions Process, “Students often ask us how many times is the optimal number. The most we recommend is 3 attempts….We recommend students take at least 3 months in between tests to get adequate time to prepare. In our experience, raising your score significantly in less time than that is possible but not highly probable.”

You have 3 months… now what?

At Back to Basics, our in-demand, experienced tutors will provide a completely customized approach focusing on the specific needs of each student.  Students will build and strengthen their knowledge, reduce anxiety, and increase confidence.  Our students have increased their scores as much as 250 points on the SAT and several points on the ACT.

Back to Basics offers two different 1-on-1 tutoring packages for the SAT test, customized and tailored to the needs of the student:

  • 32-hour SAT Package: This package is suited for first-time test takers and will cover all exam sections.    Students will receive a thorough review of test content, test-taking strategies and test timing for the exam.  Students will receive prep materials as well as a fully administered and professionally scored practice test.
  •  16-hour SAT Package: Students who have previously taken an SAT exam are eligible for this package, which is streamlined to focus on a particular section of the exam, versus all sections.  Tutors will utilize students’ previous test results toward improving subject test results.

Duration of services will be determined by the package selected and backdated from the scheduled test date.

Additional Test Prep Services Available:  Back to Basics also provides prep for SAT II subject tests, ACT Test, AP Exams, High School Entrance Exams, Praxis, GED, GRE, TOEFL and GMAT.  

Call our office at 302-594-0754 for further details any of the tutoring services listed.

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