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Why writing skills are important in the job searchNewly minted college grads may be well versed in their individual fields of study, but they often share a common deficiency in their education. According to the 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report, hiring managers said writing was the hard skill most lacking in new grads (beyond data analysis, industry-specific software, or coding).

As new grads enter the workforce, they may find, often to their dismay, that writing requirements don’t end with in-class essays and semester-long research papers.

In fact, writing can make — or break — a career.

In a recent article for Money magazine, author Hannah Morgan goes so far as to include writing skills as one of the top 9 skills job seekers should master, “Every email or pitch you deliver needs to be clear, concise and relevant to your target audience (potential employer). Now is the time to learn how to craft attention-grabbing email subject lines, succinctly highlight the most compelling benefits of hiring you and by all means, use your email signature to link to your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile. The best way to demonstrate you have exceptional communication skills is to prove it during your job search.”

What are the common writing pitfalls, and how can new grads avoid them?

“Incorrect grammar, spelling and language usage can make a very bad impression. Using an informal style — relying on abbreviations, not using punctuation and failing to capitalize — does not come across as professional,” wrote Joyce E.A. Russell, the director of the Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Program at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, in The Washington Post.

For new grads in Delaware who may have spent the last four years deeply immersed in the intricacies of Accounting, Biology, or Economics, with little opportunity to hone writing skills, there is hope. Back to Basics Learning Dynamics offers 1-on-1 instruction for students at all levels — from those wishing to improve existing skills, to those who somehow managed to avoid the English Department entirely after freshman year!

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