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Choosing a vocation over a college degree? There’s a scholarship for that!

You don’t have to go to a four-year university in order to continue your education. In fact, there are many vocational and career colleges and programs that can help prepare students for specific industries — from healthcare to culinary arts, from automotive to cosmetology, criminal justice, or art and design.

There are several different types of educational institutions, but they generally split along two lines: nationally accredited vs. regionally accredited. Vocational or “career” schools generally have national accreditation and are predominantly for-profit institutions. Regionally accredited schools are predominantly academically oriented, non-profit institutions.

Whichever you choose, just because vocational education is generally of shorter duration than the typical four-year degree program, tuition costs can still be high.

Vocational college scholarships are a great option to help cover tuition and fees. But, many who choose vocation education don’t realize how much tuition assistance is available.

Federal programs do not exclude trade students from participating.  For example, Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) offer technical school alternatives for applicants pursuing diplomas, certificates and associate’s degrees.  And, there are hundreds of independent scholarships that support specific career programs.

Vocational scholarships

Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship Fund brings corporate philanthropy to women’s educational pursuits; sponsoring funding for university students, as well as those enrolled in technical vocational programs.  Six women earn $10,000 each, while another 60 get $1000 scholarships.  The program focuses on women who are returning to higher education, after an interruption.

The Demoya Foundation offers a $3,000 scholarship to a student who wishes to attend a vocational/technical certificate program and has a documented disability. Areas of study may include any of the following: Construction, Mechanical, Technology, Business for construction industry or any other major/program that would provide the student skills to obtain employment in the road and bridge construction industry would also be eligible.

WHVACR Scholarship Program offers a $2000.00 which is open to females, high school seniors or older, preparing to enter into the HVACR industry either through a technical college or trade school.

The Imagine America Foundation provides a variety of high school scholarships for graduating seniors, scholarships for adults for 19 year olds and older, and grants for military.

Start your career without student loan debt!

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Vocational Scholarships

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