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According to a recent Huffington Post article, it’s never too late to change your career. The piece highlighted 13 iconic individuals, with careers that each took a 180 turn – sometimes several – before ultimately finding success and career satisfaction.

For example did you know that before “the mouse” Walt Disney was a newspaper editor?  Comedienne Ellen Degeneres worked as a paralegal. And opera superstar Andrea Bocelli was a defense attorney. Each of these now well-known names made the courageous leap to leave a steady job and pursue a career that they loved and that offered personal fulfillment.

So, is it time for a transformation of your own? Or maybe your skills or job position have become obsolete?

  1. It is time to do some research!

A popular tool amongst career changers is What Color is Your Parachute? It’s the job hunter’s best friend. The original, by Richard Nelson Bolles, has been in print, and continuously updated, since 1970. The book’s success stems primarily from the fact that it’s not a guide to “Hot Careers for 2017” or “Top Career Moves,” but rather, a guide to finding a career that you find personally rewarding. Once you find the right match, your new job becomes far more than simply a paycheck at the end of the week.

  1. A shadow day, week, or month is essential.

Do you have your new career all picked out? Next, it’s time for the grown-up version of “Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.” A day may (or may not) change your idea of what exactly a court stenographer, social worker, or college football coach actually does all day.

If you don’t know anyone in the specific position, network. Ask everyone, from your child’s teacher to the mailman, if they can introduce you to someone in your target career.

The results of skipping this simple step can be dire. For example, many college students graduate with degrees in majors that they chose as 18-year-old high school seniors simply because “they were good at it.” Too late they realize with dismay that they find accounting deadly dull or law too high stress.

  1. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you’re certain that you are on the right path, you’ll need to determine your strengths, and maybe more importantly, your weaknesses. If your dream career is as a rocket science for NASA, a molecular biologist finding cures for diseases, or a corporate attorney, you may have a few steps to take before you can begin sending out resumes.

  1. Earn a degree, or gain essential job skills.

Earning either an associates, undergraduate or even graduate degree is often a mandatory step for the career changer. But, depending on the target career, resume-building skills may be enough.

Learning a second language, gaining computer expertise, or commanding a more thorough understanding of accounting principles can help make you more marketable. Updated skills can also make the transition into new career territory flow more smoothly.

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