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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes* celebrates inspiring, public-spirited, highly diverse young people from all across America. Established in 2001 by author T.A. Barron, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes annually honors 25 outstanding young leaders ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment.

How are winners chosen?

Winners must have organized and led an extraordinary service activity which has clearly benefited other people or the planet. The service activity must have been initiated and motivated primarily by the winner himself and cannot have been done solely to complete an assignment for school or work.

Winners must also have demonstrated a positive spirit, courage, intelligence, generosity, and high moral purpose.
In addition, they will have shown initiative, tenacity, and unselfishness in the pursuit of their goals and have accomplished something with inspirational value.

It is important to note that service completed should include more than surviving a difficult personal challenge. Candidates’ heroism must have made an impact on the world beyond themselves.

Finally, winners may or may not have received recognition for their heroic work. Fame itself, however, should not have been the motivating factor.

What do the winners receive?

The top ten winners each receive a $5,000 cash award to support their service work or higher education. Since its inception, the Barron Prize has awarded more than half a million dollars to hundreds of young leaders!

Deadlines and how to apply:

Applications must be completed and submitted online by  5:00 p.m. MST on April 15, 2017. After that date and time, the system will automatically close. Applications will not be accepted via fax, email, U.S. mail, or any other carrier.

For more information, or to enter, please visit Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.

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*Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is not in partnership with, or affiliated with, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Hereos in any way. This post is simply intended to inform Back to Basics’ clients and readers about relevant opportunities for children, youth, and adults.

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