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This winter is shaping up to be a cold and wet one. And, with several inches of snow predicted for tomorrow, it looks like families may be sharing lots of “snow days” this winter.

Of course, a day off from school means sledding, snowball fights, and the obligatory snowman or two. But, once the novelty of the winter wonderland wears thin, turn off the television, unplug the electronics and offer up a great book to read as a family.

Where to find books for family read aloud time

Bored with your home library’s offerings? Stash away a few exciting, new books for this specific purpose! Pre-plan with a trip to the local library when snow is in the forecast.

No library card? No problem! Library cards — and all the perks they offer — are free. For more information on how to get your free library card, CLICK HERE.

And, if you’re in Delaware, you may also want to visit the Friends of the Hockessin Library Used Book Sale. The sale is a great opportunity to stock up on books for kids of all ages — and maybe a book or two for parents, as well! CLICK HERE for more information on this year’s sale. The sale is open to the public with no admission fee. Dates and times include:

  • January 27, Friday 9am-9pm
  • January 28, Saturday 9am-5pm
  • January 29, Sunday 9am-3pm

The benefits of family read aloud time

While a read aloud break is lots of fun, the benefits are real. And, even the youngest children can benefit from parent-child read aloud time. For example, infants revel in the sound of a parent’s voice. The youngest tots come to associate reading with dedicated 1-on-1 parent-child time, snuggled in a warm lap, hearing a fun story and looking at pictures. And, as pre-K children grow and develop, they learn quickly that the printed words on the page are the same as the spoken words… magic!

As parent and child continue to read aloud together, important brain development occurs. Medically, being read aloud to helps to build pathways in the child’s brain that are needed for successful future reading experiences. These pathways are created before the child ever reaches kindergarten.

For pre-K children, read aloud sessions are also the perfect way to improve a child’s vocabulary. When speaking, most tend to use verbal shorthand, but books use complete sentences, complex and varied word selections, and more sophisticated language.

Reading aloud also increases a child’s attention span, so necessary for success once the child reaches school age. Plus, by reading aloud, a child’s appetite for reading is whetted. A child who has been read to will want to learn to read for himself!

Even late elementary school-aged and middle school-aged children benefit from regular read aloud sessions. Although these children can already read for themselves, a child’s reading level typically doesn’t catch up to his listening level until eighth grade. By reading above the child’s reading level, you challenge the their intellect and imagination, as well as provide motivation to read increasingly complex texts.

How to make family read aloud time FUN

To make the read aloud experience the most enjoyable for both child and parent, remember:

  • Before beginning to read, always say the name of the book, the author, and the illustrator.
  • Read books with feeling, providing different voices for the various characters.
  • The most common mistake while reading aloud is reading too fast. Reading aloud comes naturally to very few people — to do it successfully you should practice.
  • Occasionally, read above children’s intellectual levels and challenge their minds.

And, for a list of book suggestions by age category, CLICK HERE. Ready, set… READ!

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