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back-to-school-teenIn Delaware, high school students in grades 9–12 can earn one elective credit toward graduation upon completing 90 hours of community service over any two semesters. (The summer period counts as a semester and the semesters do not have to be consecutive.)

Upon completion of the 90 hours, students receive a certificate signed by the Governor and the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education.

The credit is awarded by the participating school and is prominently displayed on the student’s transcript. An explanation of the credit, prepared by the Delaware Department of Education, accompanies any request for the student’s transcript.

The credit and certificate are awarded annually in May and the deadline for submission of verification forms by the school to the State Office of Volunteerism is April 15.

Where students can get involved

There are quite a few volunteer-organization matching services which outline the mission of various non-profit organizations, the length of volunteer commitment, specific duties, and any requirements or restrictions. Here are a few sites that provide the detailed information you students need to choose just the right volunteer opportunities:

To find more information about the Delaware Volunteer Credit, visit www.volunteerdelaware.org  or call 1-800-815-5465.

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