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Teen Piggyback RideThe day is almost here! During the month of August, most parents of incoming college freshman have been caught in a whirlwind of activity — from the agonizing decision over which colorful comforter truly reflects their student’s personality, to remembering to pick up extra toiletries, to debating the merits of various mini fridges.

But, amidst all of the frenetic activity, some parents may wonder… is my child really ready for college?

It’s a fact of life in today’s society that many parents are guilty of “helicopter parenting.” Cell phones make instant communication at any time of day or night a reality. It’s become oh-so-simple to firmly tether kids to our apron strings. Plus, many high school seniors have minimal responsibilities at home or have never held a job. Working parents, often driven by guilt, allow kids freedom from chores and duties that were a standard even 20 years ago.

It may feel good to do everything for your child, but keeping our kids “young” doesn’t teach them the independence they need to survive — and thrive – in college.

If your senior will leave for college this week, there’s still time to prepare. Ask yourself these questions:

Would he know what to do in case of emergency? From the proper use of a fire extinguisher to knowing where dorm exits are located, safety is a huge concern on college campuses across the country. Go over basic safety guidelines (never throw water on a grease fire, for example). Even though he will roll his eyes, these little lessons could make all the difference in case of emergency.

Will she share? If your child has never shared a room before, dorm living may come a huge shock. Roommates – even ones who have elected to live together – often underestimate how difficult it can be to share tight quarters. Lack of privacy, limited space, and homesickness can combine into the perfect storm of tension between friends. Make sure your child has another space to retreat to when emotions run high – be it the library, a dorm lounge, or sorority house.

Can he balance a checkbook? It’s surprising how many teens can’t! If your student didn’t have a “life skills” class in school, or if they’ve never had to learn about money, today is the time to teach him. In addition to basic account maintenance, learning to budget is crucial. Hopefully, this will eliminate panicked calls regarding accounts that are already overdrawn before Thanksgiving!

Will she be able to defend herself? College officials don’t want to admit it, but campus attacks are not singular events. As safe as a school feels, the prevalence of the “blue light” system throughout most college campus is proof that attacks do happen. If you child was attacked, would she know what to do? A mini can of mace attached to a lanyard and/or a whistle could literally be a lifesaver.

Can he do the laundry/make coffee/boil an egg? One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was a 15-year-old boy try to figure out a manual can opener. Even computer geniuses can be flummoxed by what parents consider everyday tasks. So, make sure to work in a few lessons on the basics, and test any appliances together.

Although bittersweet for parents, this is a thrilling time in your child’s life and his first major step towards independence. When he was a baby, you taught him how to walk. Now, teach him how to fly!

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