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It’s Delaware’s College Application Month and the Department of Education urges college-bound students to begin searching local and national scholarships on the new online Scholarship Compendium available at http://scholarships.delawaregoestocollege.org/.

Delaware’s College Application Month, which runs through November 20, focuses on making students aware of the many supports available to them as they transition from high school to college and into their future careers. During this time, applications to all of Delaware’s public and private colleges are free for Delaware students. Seniors are given computer lab access in their schools to apply for college and will receive information packets at home about their college and career options.

In addition, the 2015-2016 Delaware Scholarship Compendium: A Guide for College-Bound Students is available online this year, providing a free, mobile way for students to find scholarships by category and deadline. Students and parents can search scholarships by eligibility requirements such as county of residency, ethnicity or race, and profession – about 15 categories in all – as well as alphabetically or by due date.

This past year Delaware awarded $3.1 million in merit scholarships and incentive loans and more than $6 million in SEED and Inspire scholarships to Delaware students. SEED and Inspire provide tuition-free education to eligible Delaware students – from both public and non-public high schools – who earn a grade point average above 2.5 (SEED) or 2.75 (Inspire) on a 4.0 scale.

Students in grades 9 through 12 and their parents also are encouraged to register for Delaware Goes to College text messages. These texts provide monthly steps for preparing for college after high school. To register, students should text the word “student” to (302) 273-5310. Parents text “parent” to (302) 273-5320.

To begin searching for scholarships online, go to http://scholarships.delawaregoestocollege.org/.

For more information on College Application Month, visit http://delawaregoestocollege.org/.

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