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2015, John at computerIn our increasingly global economy, the need for translating and interpreting services has never been greater. Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc. offers expert translating and interpreting in 16+ languages throughout the tri-state region.

Professional Translation Services. Back to Basics translators are committed to providing accurate, quality translations with efficiency and professionalism, while maintaining crucial confidentiality. Translating may be necessary for a variety of business, medical, or educational needs such as psycho-educational evaluations, IEPs, books, manuals, web pages, correspondence, labels, or annual reports.

Back to Basics is a longtime member in good standing of the American Translators Association. As such, the company has been awarded a shared-vendor contract for translating and interpreting services in all Delaware state agencies in 16+ foreign languages in all three counties. All state contract translators must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) advanced translation studies; 2) equivalent qualification in another specialty, plus a minimum of two years of documented translating experience; or 3) at least five years of documented professional experience as a translator. In addition, all translators must pass the company’s proprietary training.

Expert Interpreters. Interpreting services are often necessary for schools, state agencies, hospitals, medical practices, and companies of all sizes. Back to Basics provides qualified, experienced interpreters to help bridge the communication gap and create an atmosphere where information can be comfortably exchanged. Interpreters are most frequently used for meetings, conferences, parent/teacher consultations, appointments, graduations, and to assist visiting foreign language speakers.

Back to Basics’ interpreters are much more than simply bilingual. They are competent professionals who possess documented language proficiency in both English and the target language, as well as the specialized set of skills required to accurately and clearly communicate in both formal and informal settings. All interpreters follow the American Translators Association (ATA) Code of Ethics.

Sign Language. Back to Basics also offers sign language interpreting services for meetings, conferences, doctor appointments, classes, assemblies, and graduations. The company employs American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters with many years of experience who follow all professional protocols.

Professionals you can trust. Back to Basics interpreters and translators have all passed criminal background checks from both the Delaware Bureau of Identification and the FBI. In addition, they have all been cleared through the Delaware Child Protection Registry and the Delaware Adult Abuse Registry.

If your school, district, hospital or business is in need of translating and interpreting services, give Back to Basics a call at 302-594-0754  to speak to our Translating and Interpreting Coordinator, who will find just the right professional for your project or event.

Celebrating 30 years of excellence in education! Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is the undisputed leader in 1-on-1 tutoring in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania for over 60 subjects. The company offers Delaware’s only Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware and a Delaware Business and Trade School for ages 16 and older. In addition, the company offers translating and interpreting in 16 languages throughout Delaware. Back to Basics is the winner of numerous awards for academic and business excellence including the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

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