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Spanish, compressedIs your child in the right school? Perhaps you’ve seen signs throughout the early months of the school year that made you question this issue. However, you decided to wait before making a change, thinking your child may be readjusting from “summer” mode. Or maybe he started at a new school and a transition period was in order.

Now that we are midway through the year, if you are still questioning your child’s placement, this is a perfect time to reconsider. Evaluate and assess the situation, getting feedback from your child, teachers, administration, and maybe an Educational Consultant.

One option to consider is a 1-on-1 school, like Back to Basics K-12 Private School. The benefits of a low student to teacher ratio are well-documented. And, at a 1-on-1 school, your child can have crucial 1-on-1 teacher interaction every single day.

So, how does a 1-on-1 school work? At Back to Basics staff and teachers work as a team to customize and tailor an integrated curriculum to meet the unique needs and abilities of your child. The teaching staff is dedicated to the growth and development of your child academically, socially, mentally and emotionally. And, the result is improved academic skills, increased self-esteem, and unparalleled subject mastery.

What kind of curriculum is available? Back to Basics K-12 Private School offers the four core curriculum areas of English/language arts, math, social studies and science, as well as electives for all grades which include foreign languages (20 offered), business courses, computer literacy, sociology, study skills, art, music, drama, photography, and over 50 other subjects.

Back to Basics K-12 Private School is an exceptional fit for:

  • students who are not achieving success in other academic environments,
  • students whose learning style does not fit within the traditional classroom setting,
  • students who have had social difficulties or social anxiety,
  • students who are currently pursuing a career in the arts or sports and need a more flexible schedule,
  • students who have a temporary or chronic medical condition, and
  • students who are academically gifted and are not challenged in their current classroom.

If you do reach the conclusion that a change is necessary, here are some tips to help your child transition smoothly to either a 1-on-1 school or another school option.

Ask current teachers and administration to speak with new school staff. In this way, new teachers will know child’s strengths, difficulties and learning style.

Deliver school records to the new school yourself. This will allow you to review them and make sure they are accurate, fair and relevant information is included.

Sit in on one of the new school’s classes or attend a school event. Your child will know what to expect and will be more comfortable with his/her new surroundings.

For more information about Back to Basics K-12 Private School, please contact Founder/Director Beverly Stewart at 302-594-0754.

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Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is the undisputed leader in 1-on-1 tutoring in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania for over 60 subjects. The company offers a unique Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware and a Delaware Business and Trade School for ages 16 and older. In addition, the company offers translating and interpreting in 16 languages throughout Delaware. Back to Basics is the winner of numerous awards for academic and business excellence including the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

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