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  • Locker girl compressedthe student who continually struggles in school,
  • the student who is simultaneously pursuing a future in the arts or sports,
  • the student who is coping with loss or a medical issue,
  • the student who is socially immature,
  • the student who needs more individual attention,
  • the student who is  insufficiently challenged at his current school, or
  • all of the above?

If you answered “all of the above” you’re absolutely correct! The 1:1 teacher to student ratio at Back to Basics K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware creates a unique learning environment that focuses exclusively on your child’s individual needs.

Back to Basics Private School is a Delaware Department of Education-approved Private School for grades K-12 designed with your child in mind. Our mission is to help your child through the transitions of life with our unique private elementary, middle, and high school programs.

The experienced and degreed instructors at Back to Basics work as a team to customize and tailor an integrated curriculum to the needs and abilities of your child. The teaching staff is dedicated to the growth and development of your child academically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

Our goals are improved academic skills, increased self-esteem, and guidance for each student’s current and future success. For more information about Back to Basics’ unique private school, please call 302-594-0754 to schedule a tour or visit Back to Basics K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware.

Excellence in Education since 1985. Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is the undisputed leader in 1:1 tutoring in Delaware offering instruction in over 60 subjects! In addition, the company offers a unique Department of Education-approved K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Delaware and a Delaware Business and Trade School for ages 16 and older. For more information, please call 302.594.0754.

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