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6th grader Angel Johnson receiving the Back to Basics K-12 Private School “Most Improved” award!

6th grader Angel Johnson receiving the Back to Basics K-12 Private School “Most Improved” award (and a heartfelt hug!) from Director Beverly Stewart, M.Ed.

On Wednesday, June 5, Back to Basics Private School held its closing ceremonies for the 2012/2013 school year.

Three students gave oral presentations including 11th grader Andrew Weller, who spoke about Facebook Addiction, 8th grader Michael Scalia who presented on the topic of Subliminal Advertising, and 6th grader Angel Johnson who shared information about Puerto Rico.  Each gave an excellent presentation and even fielded questions from the audience!

Completing the year:

  • Angel Johnson: 6th Grade
  • Michael Scalia: 8th Grade
  • Kymel Milligan: 11th Grade
  • Andrew Weller: 11th Grade
Closing ceremony 6-5-13 003

8th grader Michael Scalia gives his presentation during the 2012-2013 Closing Ceremonies.

The parents and students also shared what a great educational experience they had at Back to Basics K-12 Private School.  Several students’ parents shared how their child was sad that school was ending and that they would miss their teachers – a sentiment they had never heard this before from their child before receiving a one-on-one education!

Lunch served at the end of the ceremony. It was a very proud day for all of those who participated.

Congratulations and enjoy the summer, everyone!

About Back to Basics K-12 Private School

Back to Basics K-12 Private School is a Delaware Department of Education-approved private school designed with your child in mind. Our mission is to help your child through the transitions of life with our unique private elementary, middle, and high school programs.

Closing ceremony 6-5-13 002

11th grader Andrew Weller gave an oral presentation during the Back to Basics K-12 Private School Closing Ceremonies.

The experienced and degreed instructors at Back to Basics work as a team to customize and tailor an integrated curriculum to the needs and abilities of your child. The teaching staff is dedicated to the growth and development of your child academically, socially, mentally and emotionally. They build success into the experience for the student by going at his/her own pace and using the learning style that works best for him/her.

The results are transformative! We literally see students standing more upright, filled with more confidence and hope for the future. Their self-esteem soars!

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