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Interviews are a standard part of the admissions process in most colleges and universities. Colleges want to ensure that the students selected for admission are actually a good fit for the school and that can be difficult to determine from transcripts and an application. The college interview allows you to present yourself, your personality, your real character and what you are as a student.

Do not be intimidated if a college requests an interview. It is a required step in the admissions process that will help ensure that you have landed on the doorstep of the institution that is the best fit for you. Here are some things to consider before your interview:

Dress Professionally

First impressions are everything. Dressing the part indicates that you are taking the admissions process seriously and it affirms that you care about the outcome of the interview.

Have a Positive Attitude

It is important to enter the interview with a positive attitude. Getting ready for college is an exciting time and your attitude should reflect that. Interviews are not designed to point out your flaws but to identify what you will bring to the school.

Allow the Facilitator to Lead the Discussion

This will take all the pressure off of you. The facilitators have participated in hundreds of interviews and have an established path for the questions to follow. Most likely you will find that the purpose of the interview is to gauge your level of interest in their institution.

Share your High School Experience

Emphasize the positive aspects of your education but don’t hesitate to be up-front about the negative aspects. Colleges are looking to add observant, articulate and opinionated young adults to their campuses. This is also the time to discuss your extracurricular activities and the personal interests you have developed through the years.

Ask Questions

There is no better way to express your interest in a college than by asking questions. Research and gather information about the college so that you can develop sincere questions. This is the part of the interview that will most benefit you in finding the right college.

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