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As the first day of school quickly approaches, you are likely spending time amassing a treasure trove of school supplies. From filler paper, to pencils and pens, to rulers, calculators, and more, it seems like the back to school shopping list grows every year!

But for some parents, the back to school shopping frenzy is incredibly painful. For those Delawareans who are struggling to fulfill their family’s most basic needs, the addition of “must-have” items like new notebooks, backpacks, and folders puts a strain on an already overtaxed household budget.

Now, there’s a way that you can help! When you are shopping and see some of those amazing deals (pencils for a penny, folders for a nickel) pick up a few extra and donate them through the Adopt-A-Student program.

The Adopt-a-Student program is part of the Adopt-a-Family program which has helped Delaware families in need since 1973 and is coordinated by the Division of State Service Centers in all three counties. The Adopt-A-Family program aids families in crisis – those struggling with illness, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty or unemployment.

During a typical year, the Adopt-A-Family program, with assistance from the Human Services Councils of New Castle County and Kent/Sussex Counties, has provided urgently needed assistance to over 4,500 disadvantaged Delaware families totaling more than 15,000 individuals.

The Adopt-a-Student program runs May through September and provides necessary school supplies and uniforms, including book bags to needy students throughout Delaware. The goal of this program is to encourage a positive attitude toward school by helping each student start the school year with the necessary supplies to achieve success.

For additional information, contact the Adopt-A-Family program serving your county or the Division of State Service Centers.

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