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This article was originally published at It’s how you play the game! and is reprinted with permission, by McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds.

According to TESOL which provides the standard, international qualification for teaching English to speakers of other languages / teaching English as a foreign language, there are 10  advantages to using games in the classroom including:

1. Games provide a break from the normal class routine.

2. Games can be extremely motivating and challenging for students of all ages.

3. Games help students to make the effort of learning.

4. Games provide crucial practice in speaking, writing, listening and reading.

5. Games encourage students to interact with each other and communicate.

6. Games help teachers create contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful.

7. Games build class cohesion and spirit.

8. Games promote whole class participation in a fun, non judgmental environment.

9. Games can provide shy students with a wonderful opportunity to shine.

10. Games can help lower students’ stress in the classroom.

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