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testingIf your child attends a Delaware public school or parochial elementary school, chances are that annual testing is right around the corner. DSTP and Terranova standardized tests are often administered in March of each year. For some, the thought of these types of tests can raise feelings of anxiety, apprehension and fear. Here are some suggestions for putting these concerns at bay and raising confidence and self-esteem instead.

Ask for Relaxation Tips-If your child gets anxious about testing, ask the teacher for some relaxation tips.

Assure Student is in School-Don’t plan doctor or other appointments during the test dates unless it’s an emergency. This avoids stretching out the testing over a longer period of time and disrupting your child’s post-test school routine.

Encourage Your Child to Listen- Instruct your child to listen very carefully during the administering of the test, especially to the directions given for each section.

Rest and Breakfast- Be sure your child gets sufficient rest leading up to and during the testing dates. Allow time for a healthy, not sugary breakfast in the morning. It re- fuels the brain and “breaks the fast” of not eating overnight.

Do His/Her Best-Tell your child to just do the best he/she can.

If you want to help your child accomplish this goal and relieve much of the stress and anxiety that accompanies standardized testing, call us at Back to Basics. We can prepare your child for testing by teaching and reinforcing subject matter and test-taking strategies, as well as build self-esteem and confidence. Your child will be ready and relaxed when he/she walks into the classroom with #2 pencils in hand!

For more information, please visit www.backtobasicslearning.com.

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